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Structure wedding around you
Your Wedding Ceremony

For your personalised wedding, I can provide a broad selection of ceremonies, readings, wedding vows, ring presentations, and numerous resources to help you decide what you want.

Utilizing these resources may assist you to develop your unique wedding ceremony making selections of words and paragraphs as you feel appropriate... but of course there is no obligation to use any of them. As you venture through the various choices and make your decisions as to the direction you wish your ceremony to take, you will be creating a special memory for future reflection and a memorable day for your guests.

As your wedding celebrant my commitment to you is to structure YOUR ceremony around YOU and provide YOU with what you wish at a location of your choice. Should you have in mind a setting that is considerably outside the wider Melbourne area, I will do my utmost to accommodate you so please don't hesitate to discuss it with me.

  • I can provide a high quality sound system with CD-playing facility at no additional charge to ensure that your guests may hear the ceremony and enjoy background music.
  • Excepting the legal requirements, you build the structure of your wedding day and have complete freedom of choice in all matters.
  • You may include religious wedding traditions and any other religious content and special readings of your choice.
  • Your ceremony may take place at a time and venue of your choice.
  • I am here to advise and assist you in all possible ways and thus my consultations with you are limitless whether it is by phone, fax, email or in person.
  • I am available for a rehearsal prior to your wedding day.
  • On your wedding day you will be presented with a “keepsake” printed transcription of your personal ceremony.
  • I will also offer you access to Pre-Marriage Relationship Advice.

Wedding CeremonyYour ceremony should confirm how you feel about each other and the words you choose reflect your feelings.  Whilst this may be overwhelming, this part of the day will stay with you forever. I am able to assist you with the task of committing to each other through your vows. They need to be meaningful and unique to you both. Your wedding is about you as a couple, but it should also reflect who you are as individuals. It should be intimate and romantic as well as a public demonstration of your feelings for each other. It also should be a reflection of your personalities.

It is important that your ceremony is planned in detail and we both share the same specific contents. I want your special day to be the most enjoyable day of your life and for you to have a wonderful time at your ceremony.  Whilst you will most likely have some degree of nervousness, there will be no surprises after every detail is planned.  I will deliver your ceremony just as we have planned.

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